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International Investigator-initiated Trials

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The CT-directive (2001/20/EC) which is now implemented into national law in all countries of the European Union, has a huge impact on the planning and conduction of the important optimal-use-trials (investigator-initiateted trials; IITs). The ELN has the chance to share experience and ideas to solve the different problems, due to European fragmentation and specific national requirements. Therefore the information center initiated several projects to support IITs.

Setup of new working group: European LeukemiaNet - Expert committee (ELN-EC)

Members of the ELN are synergizing their power and knowledge in a new working group, facing the problems and create solutions for multinational Investigator-initiated-Trials (IITs), crossing the frontiers of Europe.


Stucture of ELN-EC
During the 6th ELN symposium in 2009, ELIC suggested to build up a new working group in between the ELN. Afterwards all members ...
Workshops on International IITs
European legislation on clinical trials


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