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Workpackage 6: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)


  1. Asnafi, V., Buzyn, A., Thomas, X., Huguet, F., Vey, N., Boiron, J. M., Reman, O., Cayuela, J. M., Lheritier, V., Vernant, J. P., Fiere, D., Macintyre, E., and Dombret, H.: Impact of TCR status and genotype on outcome in adult T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a LALA-94 study
    Blood 105(8), 3072-3078, 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  2. Di, Bona E., Pogliani, E., Rossi, G., Lerede, T., D'Emilio, A., Vespignani, M., Rodeghiero, F., Barbui, T., and Bassan, R.: Transplant-finalized salvage of adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results of a mitoxantrone- and methotrexate-based regimen in 36 patients
    Leuk.Lymphoma 46(6), 879-884. 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  3. Chiaretti, S., Li, X., Gentleman, R., Vitale, A., Wang, K. S., Mandelli, F., Foa, R., and Ritz, J.: Gene expression profiles of B-lineage adult acute lymphocytic leukemia reveal genetic patterns that identify lineage derivation and distinct mechanisms of transformation.
    Clin. Cancer Res. 11(20), 7209-7219, 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  4. Clappier, E., Cuccuini, W., Cayuela, J. M., Vecchione, D., Baruchel, A., Dombret, H., Sigaux, F., and Soulier, J. Cyclin: D2 dysregulation by chromosomal translocations to TCR loci in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemias
    Leukemia 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  5. Deconinck, E., Hunault, M., Milpied, N., Bernard, M., Renaud, M., Desablens, B., Delain, M., Witz, F., Lioure, B., Pignon, B., Guyotat, D., Berthou, C., Jouet, J. P., Casassus, P., Ifrah, N., and Boiron, J. M.: Intensive therapy before or during the conditioning regimen of allogeneic marrow transplantation in adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients: we must choose to reduce Toxicity--a Groupe Ouest-Est d'Etude des Leucemies et Autres Maladies du Sang study.
    Biol.Blood Marrow Transplant 11(6), 448-454; 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  6. Foa, R., Vitale, A., Chiaretti, S., and Guarini, A.: A broad and integrated diagnostic work-up for a modern management of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
    Hematology 10 Suppl 1, 55-62. 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  7. Gleissner, B., Goekbuget, N., Rieder, H., Arnold, R., Schwartz, S., Diedrich, H., Schoch, C., Heinze, B., Fonatsch, C., Bartram, C. R., Hoelzer, D., and Thiel, E:
    Blood 106(13), 4054-4056, 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  8. Mancini, M., Scappaticci, D., Cimino, G., Nanni, M., Derme, V., Elia, L., Tafuri, A., Vignetti, M., Vitale, A., Cuneo, A., Castoldi, G., Saglio, G., Pane, F., Mecucci, C., Camera, A., Specchia, G., Tedeschi, A., Di, Raimondo F., Fioritoni, G., Fabbiano, F., Marmont, F., Ferrara, F., Cascavilla, N., Todeschini, G., Nobile, F., Kropp, M. G., Leoni, P., Tabilio, A., Luppi, M., Annino, L., Mandelli, F., and Foa, R.: A comprehensive genetic classification of adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL): analysis of the GIMEMA 0496 protocol.
    Blood 105(9), 3434-3441, 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  9. Nijmeijer, B. A., van Schie, M. L., Verzaal, P., Willemze, R., and Falkenburg, J. H.: Responses to donor lymphocyte infusion for acute lymphoblastic leukemia may be determined by both qualitative and quantitative limitations of antileukemic T-cell responses as observed in an animal model for human leukemia.
    Exp.Hematol. 33(10), 1172-1181, 2005
    Subjects: ALL
  10. Piccaluga PP, Martinelli G, Malagola M, Rondoni M, Bonifazi F, Bandini G, Visani G, Baccarani M.: Alemtuzumab in the treatment of relapsed acute lymphoid leukaemia
    Leukemia 2005; Jan;19(1):135
    Subjects: ALL
  11. Piccaluga PP, Malagola M, Rondoni M, Ottaviani E, Testoni N, Laterza C, Visani G, Pileri SA, Martinelli G, Baccarani M.: Poor outcome of adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients carrying the (1;19)(q23;p13) translocation
    Leuk Lymphoma 2006; Mar;47(3):469-72
    Subjects: ALL
  12. Piccaluga PP, Martinelli G, Rondoni M, Visani G, Baccarani M.: Advances and potential treatment for Philadelphia chromosome-positive adult acute lymphoid leukaemia
    Expert Opin Biol Ther 2006;Oct;6(10):1011-22.
    Subjects: ALL
  13. Piccaluga PP, Martinelli G, Baccarani M.: Advances in the treatment for haematological malignancies
    Expert Opin Pharmacother 2006; Apr;7(6):721-32
    Subjects: ALL
  14. Reiter A, Walz C, Watmore A, Schoch C, Blau I, Schlegelberger B, Berger U, Telford N, Aruliah S, Yin JA, Vanstraelen D, Barker HF, Taylor PC, O'Driscoll A, Benedetti F, Rudolph C, Kolb HJ, Hochhaus A, Hehlmann R, Chase A, Cross NC: The t(8;9)(p22;p24) is a recurrent abnormality in chronic and acute leukemia that fuses PCM1 to JAK2
    Cancer Res 65:2662-7 (2005)
    Subjects: AML
  15. Ribera, J. M., Oriol, A., Bethencourt, C., Parody, R., Hernandez-Rivas, J. M., Moreno, M. J., del, Potro E., Torm, M., Rivas, C., Besalduch, J., Sanz, M. A., and Ortega, J. J.: Comparison of intensive chemotherapy, allogeneic or autologous stem cell transplantation as post-remission treatment for adult patients with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Results of the PETHEMA ALL-93 trial.
    Haematologica 90(10), 1346-1356, 2005
    Subjects: ALL


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