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Molecular Biology: Measuring and Reporting BCR-ABL Transcripts Level
Giuseppe Saglio
Relative Risk (Sokal & Hasford): Relationship with Treatment Results
Michele Baccarani
Imatinib in the Early Chronic Phase
Richard Larson
Diagnostic and Pre-treatment Work-up
François Guilhot
Long-term benefit of imatinib for patients newly diagnosed with CML in chronic phase: The 5-year update from IRIS study
Brian J. Druker
Response-related Prognostic Factors: The Cytogenetic Response
Michael Deininger
Response-related Prognostic Factors: The Molecular Response
Giuseppe Saglio
Bcr-Abl Kinase Domain Mutations
Martin Müller
Response Definition, Evaluation and Monitoring
Michele Baccarani
Treatment Policy
Rüdiger Hehlmann
Venice Meeting Highlights: Key lessons
Michele Baccarani, Rüdiger Hehlmann


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