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Created by: A. Hellenbrecht (ELIC) , generated 2006/03/28, last changed: 2009/04/23

The European Leukemia Information Center (ELIC-WP2) acts as coordinator concerning all website contents of the network. For this website, we need information on available country-specific internet resources. Last year we sent out a questionnaire in which we asked for advisors for countries and/or languages. The feedback was quite good, but we are still missing advisors for several countries and languages.
Beeing advisor is no time-consuming job, it just means that he or she once answers a few questions about local addresses of medical associations, healthcare or patient institutions, links etc. Afterwards, we will contact the advisor from time to time, to update or complete this information.

We would like to thank all advisors who already helped us!

If you are interested in beeing advisor for your country or language, please contact the European Leukemia Information Center (ELIC) - WP2:

Name WP E-mail Country  
Thaler, Josef WP04 Austria
Labar, Boris WP06 WP14 Croatia
Costeas, Paul A. -- Cyprus
Mayer, Jiri WP04 WP14 Czech Republic
Bjerrum, Ole Weis WP04 Denmark
Porkka, Kimmo -- Finland
Ruutu, Tapani WP04 WP14 Finland
Koskenvesa, Perttu WP04 WP17 Finland
Marie, Jean-Pierre WP05 France
Bene, Marie-Christine * WP10 France
Huret, Jean-Loup WP11 France
Holtkamp, Ulrike * -- Germany
Einsele, Hermann WP15 Germany
O'Dwyer, Michael WP04 Ireland
Zini, Gina * WP02 Italy
Saglio, Guiseppe WP04 WP12 Italy
Bassan, Renato WP06 Italy
Bernasconi, Carlo WP08 Italy
Cazzola, Mario WP08 Italy
Frassoni, Francesco WP09 WP14 Italy
Locascuilli, Anna * WP15 Italy
Viscoli, Claudio WP15 Italy
Ossenkoppele, Gert WP05 WP08 WP12 Netherlands
van Oers, Marinus H.J. WP07 Netherlands
Beverloo, Berna WP11 Netherlands
Maertens, Johan WP15 Netherlands
Prejzner, Witold -- Poland
Holowiecki, Jerzy WP05 WP14 Poland
Walewski, Jan WP06 Poland
Don Colita, Nicolae WP04 Romania
Radulescu, Nicolae WP04 WP06 Romania
Paritchnikova, H. -- Russia
Sanz, Guillermo WP05 Spain
Sierra, Jorge WP05 WP14 Spain
Hernandez, Jesus M. WP13 Spain
Martino, Rodrigo WP15 Spain
Mühlematter, Dominique WP11 Switzerland
Haznedaroglu, Ibrahim WP04 Turkey
O'Brien, Stephen WP04 WP18 s.g.o' UK
Matutes, Estella * WP07 WP10 UK
 * = Female Researcher


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