ELN Foundation

Board of Directors of the ELN-Foundation as of 11.5.2015


Rüdiger Hehlmann, Weinheim
Dietger Niederwieser, Leipzig


Michele Baccarani, Bologna
Tiziano Barbui, Bergamo
Theo de Witte, Nijmegen
Francois Guilhot, Poitiers
Andreas Hochhaus, Jena
Dieter Hoelzer, Frankfurt
Dietger Niederwieser, Leipzig
Gert Ossenkoppele, Amsterdam
Bengt Simonsson, Uppsala
Carsten Müller-Tidow, Heidelberg (successor to Thomas Büchner who died in 2016)

Next election is in 2020.

Members of the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) and its Board of Directors secure the sustainability of the ELN beyond EU support, which ends in 2011, by constituting an ELN Foundation.
The European LeukemiaNet is a network of excellence integrating the leading European leukemia study groups and their interdisciplinary partners.
The ELN Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation, which supports the goals of the European LeukemiaNet to foster science and research and to improve and enhance medical care in acute and chronic leukaemia and related disease entities.
The ELN Foundation addresses all groups who are dedicated to fight leukemia, involving medical doctors, researchers, health care professionals, patients and their relatives, companies, private and public organisations, charities and each individual. The ELN Foundation equally addresses sponsors, like pharmaceutical companies and private persons donating grants and funds to eradicate this disease.

The certificate on the establishment of the ELN Foundation was received on August 24th 2009 by the German Authorities.
Although currently registered in Germany, the ELN Foundation will enable tax free donations from anywhere in the world. From Non-European countries this can be achieved via promotion associations or so-called “Friends of” organizations, which are headquartered in the donor's native country. They facilitate transfer of donations abroad taking into account the national tax specifications.
Within Europe it is possible since early 2009 to pursue tax free cross-border donations, based on a European court decision (C-318/07).