Registration / Membership

The European LeukemiaNet cordially invites all European physicians and researchers, working on leukemia, to join the network!

The success of the network depends entirely on your cooperation. For new members of the European LeukemiaNet there are different registration levels defined:

Type of membership
Access to:
Network member
Physicians, researcher or scientists, actively working within one of the 18 Projects, and whose institution has signed the contract with the European Community
  • Internet & Internal WP communication
  • Newsletter
  • Discussion Forums
  • Access to member database (addresses)
  • Invitation for meetings
  • Travel cost funding by the network
Only scientists who belong to institutions which are a contract partner of the ELN can become an official member of the ELN. If so, scientists will be registered upon the recommendation of the relevant Project leader.
If not, the corresponding institution has to ask for accession to the contract. According to the rules of the European Commission, each institution - willing to become a contractor - has to provide form B (request for accession) and the contract preparation form (CPF). The Network governing board has to agree the accession of a new institution.
Associated member with confirmed registration
Physicians, researchers, scientists
  • Internet
  • Newsletter
  • Discussion forums
  • Access to member database (addresses)
  • Invitation for meetings
Registration has to be confirmed by a person and/or institution, who is already registered in the network (signature and/or stamp is required)
Associates without confirmed registration
All other groups e.g. nurses, patients, press&media, laymen etc.
  • Internet
  • Newsletter
Only online registration