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Trial: ClAraC-SCT

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Title ClAraC or FLAMSA Followed by SCT to Treat High Risk AML or Advanced MDS
Scientific Title Randomized, Multi-centre, Phase II Trial to Compare the Event-Free Survival of Clofarabine / Ara-C (ClAraC) or of FLAMSA Treatment in Patients With High Risk AML or Advanced MDS Scheduled for Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation
Short Title ClAraC-SCT
Trialgroup NN
Type of Trial multicentric, randomized, open-label, double-group
Disease Stem cell transplantation(SCT) AML
Acute myeloid leukemia(AML) Stem cell transplantation
Stem cell transplantation(SCT) MDS
Myelodysplastic Syndrome(MDS) Stem cell transplantation
Age >= 18 years
Status Active
Start of Recruitment 24.08.2011
Leader Ganser, Prof. Dr. med., Arnold

General Contact Person
Buchholz, Dr. med., Stefanie
Tel: +49 (0)511 532-0
Fax: +49 (0)511 532-5550

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