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4th ELN Workshop on Genetics of MDS

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The 4th ELN Workshop “Genetics of MDS” took place at the University of Perugia/Italy from Oct. 2nd-3rd 2008.
The program addressed topics of cytogenetics, molecular genetics, animal models, epigenetics, leukemic stem cells and gene expression profiling in de novo and treatment-related MDS, including genetic predisposition and hereditary hematological disorders associated with MDS.
A total of 34 speakers and participants from Spain, Greece, Belgium, Germany, United Kindom, Italy, France, The Netherlands, and the Czech Republic attended the meeting.
The impressive and charming venue of the ancient town hall of Perugia provided a stimulating athmosphere for a lively and fruitful discussion.

The participants

Lecture room
"Sala della Vaccara"
in the Palazzo dei Priori

Palazzo dei Priori

View over Umbria


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