Information about Project 9: Chronic myeloproliferative diseases (CMPD)


  • Integrate all major European CMPD study groups in a European Research Network to promote
  • the standardization of current diagnostic and prognostic procedures, foster new severity
  • measurements and quality of life questionnaires and perform clinical trials with new drugs and/
  • or treatment strategies across Europe.
  • Register all newly diagnosed CMPD patients in a European registry to detect subentities of CMPD,
  • uncommon manifestations and outcomes and to improve prognostic evaluation.ยท Apply and
  • standardize molecular and advanced genomic technology to analyze biological prognostic factors
  • and progressive disease across Europe.
  • Perform and publish consensus reports and expert reviews, develop guidelines on a European
  • scale.

Description of work

Establishment of a European CMPD Network with common communication and information structures by Central Services (Telematics) for improved integration and visibility of the European CMPD research area thereby facilitating studies on new drugs and/or strategies across Europe. Setup of a European CMPD registry for all newly recruited patients with central registration by a web-based registration system. Registration and study protocols will be harmonized by a common data set and uniform endpoint definition. Set up of criteria for accreditation of clinical trials.The studies will be supported by standardization of current and new methods/technologies for transplantation (WP 11) and disease progression (WP 7) and treatment research/new targets/new drugs (WP 13).