Information about Project 14: SCT


  • Synergize and expand forces for HSCT in Europe using European organizations like EBMT, ESH and already existing national transplant and disease specific registries, which will be built into this network with the aim to improve results of HSCT and treatment of leukemia.
  • Standardize transplant procedures concerning techniques and molecular diagnostics e. g. to avoid viral complications after HSCT and improve recognition of MRD.
  • Perform survey for HSCT in Europe to analyze trends, frequencies and acceptance of protocols
  • Perform prospective studies to promote HSCT with reduced toxicity in comparison to conventional HSCT in patients over the age of 60 years.
  • Perform studies on EBV load and depending on the copy number randomize for treatment with or without rituximab.

Description of work

Establishment of a common platform with common communication and information structures by central Services. Survey of HSCT in Europe. Retrospective evaluation of the protocol at a center level. Restrospective studies using the EBMT database and linking this with disease specific registries within the leukemianetwork. Intensifing the recruitment in studies exploring the role of HSCT with reduced intensity conditioning. Establishing standards for transplant procedures.