Information about Project 13: Next generation sequencing


The main objectives of the work package next generation sequencing aim at using the exciting new technology of next generation sequencing for (1) an improvement of diagnostic accuracy and reliability, (2) the identification of prognostic markers and the prediction of treatment outcome, (3) the definition of new therapeutic targets at the molecular level and (4) new insights into the biology of leukemias. This challenging process requires close cooperation of different specialists and groups in Europe comprizing basic researchers, clinical scientists, multicenter treatment study groups and biostatisticians. The European Leukemia Network of Excellence (EU Leukemianet) will integrate these different approaches and will bridge the gap between basic research and clinical management through the application of next generation sequencing.

Description of work

Platforms will be established to compare the respective protocols for sample processing and systematic data management. Standardization of laboratory techniques and statistical analysis as well as data sharing in centralized net working facilities provides the basis for subsequent approaches. This includes the establishment and validation of new diagnostic platforms, new prognostic stratification, the generation of data for treatment prediction, and the definition of new molecular targets for drug development. The Network on next generation sequencing will closely cooperate with other research groups in the EU LeukemiaNOE such as cytogenetic researchers, drug development groups and multicenter treatment study groups.