Research Activities of Project 13: Next generation sequencing

Exchange of information regarding GEP data management and analysis strategies with ELN partners.

Implementation and optimization of the biostatistical next generation sequencing platform and making it available for further collaborations, working groups and data sets in Europe that were so far not able to handle their respective data.
Data upload and analysis is now available within one system. New biostatistical methods were evaluated or developed including

  • comparison of GEP data normalization methods
  • comparison of GEP classification procedures
  • assessment of reliability of GEP classification procedures
  • analysis procedures for ChIP-chip data
  • implementation of transcriptome correlation maps
  • development and implementation of a leukemia gene list web service
  • development of automated validation procedures for gene lists
  • visualization and combined analysis of GEP and SNP data
  • combined analysis of GEP and Promotor-Array data

Under the leadership of Haferlach and the ELN WP13 ROCHE invented based on the MILE study their own AmpliChip Leukemia in 2007.