Mode of operation

Initially the mode of operation will be mainly by E-Mail correspondence. ELIC - as a central structure of the working group - will adress specific questions to the members of the ELN-EC and will fill in content to the ELN website.
The ELN-Website is the central platform for the ELN-EC functioning as a practical approach to participate in the specific topics and to have insight in the results of the members E-Mail discussions.
ELIC will transfer these results and specific problems to further EU-funded projects (e.g.EBMT, CLINT, ECRIN, ICREL) and this should give impact to the discussion at the level of EU institutions.

Topic: Experience with ECRIN (Feb. 2009)

Questions to Expert Committe:

  • What are your experiences with ECRIN?
  • Do you know about the project?
  • Do you know the European Correspondent for your country (e.g., Contact person)?
  • Any experience regarding contact?
  • Any support e.g. practical advice from ECRIN?
  • Are there any other (costfree?) institutions in your country (or in between the EU), which are helping you to initiate Investigator Initiated Trials in your country or the EU?