Aims of the European LeukemiaNet

Dear Visitor,

For over 50 years scientists have been intensively engaged in improving the treatment for patients with leukemia. New insights gained in both scientific and clinical fields have resulted in the use of better treatments and improved prognosis and survival for these patients. National and international multicentric clinical studies with a broad data base and managed by experienced study groups, have made a significant contribution to devise novel chemotherapeutic schedules.

All of us – that means over 115 International European institutions and about 900 scientists and associated scientists – will keep on going that course and we will intensify our efforts to further improve treatment and quality of life for all patients suffering from leukemia.

The European LeukemiaNet (ELN), funded by the European Union and being under patronage of Mikhail Gorbachev, will function as a platform, which will bring together 117 national study groups and centres from 22 European countries!
All these study groups and their interdisciplinary partners are involved in drug development, diagnostics, treatment and supportive medicine discover in the European LeukemiaNet aims to make accessible all phases of the different processes as you can see it on this website.

With this platform:

  • We aim to create transparency in leukaemia research by publishing study protocols, discussing results and addressing centres and laboratories where studies are being carried out.
  • We will try to learn from each other and together by sharing our knowledge about study design, study monitoring, data management and analysis and pushing forward the discussion on leukemia topics within Europe.
  • We hope to overcome national fragmentation to spread out knowledge concerning causes, diagnostics and treatments of leukaemia, and to attain the goal, underlying all efforts: improvement of treatment and life-quality of patients suffering form leukaemia.

This basement will also provide

  • Information for patients, relatives and physicians.
  • Information for better understanding the disease leukaemia, the diagnostic methods and different therapies available.
  • Facilitate your search on the LeukemiaNet website regarding your particular needs and how to organize yourself in your home country in Europe.

This project requires several implementations- and driving elements. Therefore two levels - internal and external control mechanisms –have been considered.
As an internal element three central facilities will implement the project regarding management, internal work flow/communication and technical services. We will meet once in a year during an annual symposium, discussing process and problems of the project.
The project LeukemiaNet is also closely supervised by external autonomous companies, which will execute audits. In addition, the leaders of the all 18 subprojects and a representative of the EU are acting as a general control group and independent persons of science, ethics, politics and economy are evaluating the process and giving advice.