EORTC QoL Symposium: Video sessions available

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The EORTC Quality of Life Department, established for over 18 years, is one of the major European cancer-research organizations. You may also wish to visit the websites www.eortc.be/probe/ and also http://groups.eortc.be/qol/ for more specific information on their research activities.

The EORTC Quality of Life (QoL) Symposium “Quality of Life, Symptom Research, and Patient Reported Outcomes in Cancer Clinical Trials” was held in Brussels, 25th - 27th November 2009. This course was dedicated to anyone (medical doctors, statisticians, patients, data managers, etc) who had an interest in quality of life assessment in cancer research. The purpose of this Symposium was to cover a broad range of topics in HRQOL and cancer. It has addressed recent developments in EORTC tools and analysis approaches relative to cancer, and also had a broader focus to include international QoL developments. It was a great success and the quality of the debates throughout this 3 day course was really high. Due to place restrictions, the registration process had to be closed at 220 places.
The experts’ presentations were video recorded, in order to allow people who could not attend the Course to also learn about QoL issues in cancer clinical trials. These video sessions are now available online at the EORTC website (a quick registration is requested). The system is designed so that you can dip in and out of presentations that interest you, so you can be selective in what you watch to suit your interest and specific training and educational needs.