European Leukemia Trial Registry

According to the Guidelines of the WHO and the International Commitee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), a new trial registry was realized.

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In 2004, the members of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) published a joint editorial in close cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), to promote registration of clinical trials. Main purpose was, to provide a comprehensive, publicly available database of clinical trials. ( )
The members of the ICMJE (International committee of medical journal editors, formerly known as Vancouver group) are major journals or librarys outside europe, including the skandinavian countries. In addition, a large number of non-member journals are following the ICMJE’s guidelines.

The WHO supported the development of a clinical trial register to ensure transparency, to increase public trust in the conduct of clinical research as well as to make results available to the public. For this purpose, a Metaregister - the International Clinical Trial Registry Platform (ICTRP) - was established in august 2005 ( With this approach, the WHO has no plans to administer its own register. Trialists should rather continue to register with existing registers.

Due to the ICMJE guidelines, the existing German Leukemia Trial Registry was worked over to meet WHO guidelines and was one of the first registries who were accepted as a WHO partner registry. In the meantime WHO guidelines were revised several times and only one national registry can be accepted as WHO partner registry. To fulfill the demands of ICMJE it is recommeded to register in a WHO accepted registry, e.g. Unfortunately disease related registries are not accepted by the WHO although they are extremely important for the public and the scientific community.

The Registry is bilingual (german/english), and provides short-protocols of ongoing german and european Leukemia Trials.

Templates for the short protocol and current list of active trials as presented in the 9th Information Letter

Short protocol

In February 2012, the European Leukemia Information Center (ELIC) generated a new short protocol to ease the entry of study information. This protocol is a Word-based form that was developed for PCs and MAC, respectively. In case you have problems to fill-in the protocol, please contact ELIC.

Form for the registration of trials in the European Leukemia Trial Registry
Form for the registration of trials in the European Leukemia Trial Registry

Active trials in the ELTR (as at February 2013)

All active clinical trials in the European Leukemia Trial Registry (ELTR) are presented in the Information Letter. The complete list of the last Information Letter is available here.

List of ELTR trials presented in Information Letter No. 9 (February 2013)